Our bakery items are prepared with love and freshly baked to order.  All of our bakery items are baked with extra love.  Have questions?  Ask us.  Take a look below.

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About Us

Royal Highness Bakery was started after realizing we can make a difference in other’s lives with my baked goods.  Our humble beginnings started in a small kitchen, all because we made brownies for a sick friend of a friend.  One thing lead to another and here we are.

Royal Highness Bakery is on a mission to pack extra loving goodness in each of our products.  It’s why we bake your order as soon as it is placed.  This assures that your items will arrive freshly baked, never stale.

If you have suggestions or questions, please let us know, we love to talk to our customers.  We look forward to sharing our freshly baked goodness with you.


Want to Satisfy Your

Sweet Tooth?

Since we bake our items to order, place an order today so we can be sure they arrive fresh to you.


“These brownies are so delicious and… is high quality. I felt much more relaxed…after about 30 minutes.”

Elizabeth Sophie

“I ordered the brownies…
Amazing is all i can say! I already submitted my second order! So fresh! …Thank you Katie! I look forward to being a loyal customer for many years to come.”

Zoe Fisher

“Wow!  I placed my order not only for myself, but for my dog Lily.  The rice krispy treat is to die for, the low carb treats are fabulous, too.  Shipping of my order was fast and packaged for protection.  Thanks, Katie!”

Joy Moore

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